Who are we?

Chris, Will and Laura.

We have been firm friends for as long as we care to remember and have all being seperately doing our on thing in the murky world of catering (mostly running country pubs with big gardens and lots of food).

For a few years now we have flirted with going and doing it together for ourselves rather than being employed by others, with a few close calls and lots of non starters, until we had a look round what is now the Stock Pot Café at Ryton Organic Gardens. Think it’s fair to say we all fell in love straight away and with some fortuitious timing we have been lucky enough to grab this gorgeous café with beautiful gardens.

Chris and Laura are a couple (sitting in a tree k.i.s.s.i.n.g) and have two beautiful children, Frank and Sadie. Will has a daughter called Evie and after nearly 20 years of pubs and the late nights that go with them, coupled now with early mornings and Peppa Pig, we felt it perfect timing to try and grow up and make a pleasant, fresh, fun family café.

Enough rambling, to be fair, we just hope you like the surroundings, and look forward to meeting lots of new pals.

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